About us

Amporn Tour started operating on the first of February 1997 with the purpose of providing tourists-both Thai and foreign-with information and other services in Chiang Mai.

Khun Amporn Rakpracha is a recognized tour operator, having received her permit number 23-0231 trading number a.15450 and has been running her business to the satisfaction of clients ever since 1997 ,Now her permit number is 22-00246.

Amporn Tour also provides much needed work training and opportunities for new graduates and students studying in the field of tourism by providing a working environment where they get both hands on experience in dealing with tourists and gain knowledge by working in a successful business.

Today there are two branches of Amporn Tour in Chiang Mai another one is T2B Service and both of our offices look forward to being of service to you.


“ Hi there everybody”

This is a special letter from Amporn Tours in Chiang Mai. Do you remember the special time you had with our tour in Chiang Mai? Well, we just want to say hello to everybody, with a reminder that when you come back to Chiang Mai you will contact us for our one stop tour service.
Now ….we are proud to present a special Holiday and invite you or your friends to visit Chiang Mai, which is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand, and visit our office too. Because, if you are looking for a really special time, we would like to invite you to come and enjoy any of our tours which can be looked through most Hotels & Guest Houses. Naturally, we offer very reasonable price on all of our tours. Our office is located near the Night Bazaar, 15 minutes from the Airport, railway station and bus station.


Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand, and Amporn Tour can really help you enjoy your holiday there:

•  Friendly, informed by reservation and Tour guides

•  Half day tours as well as one ,two and three day tours

•  Pick up and drop off at your accommodation

•  Competitive rate Don’t decide on a tour until you have checked our price

•  Our tour can e booked through most Hotels & Gust Houses, r directly at

•  Our located near the Night Bazaar, 20 minutes from the Airport, railway station and bus station.

We really look forward to seeing you the next time you visit Chiang Mai with our best regards.